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Specialised in complex welding operations, we employ a number of welders with SFS-EN ISO 9606-1 (2013)qualifications.

All our welders have completed the theoretical examinations in welding. Some have also completed the International Welder (IW) qualification using the TIG welding process at all levels: fillet, plate and tube welding. We take special pride in keeping the production facilities clean and organised, which contributes to a uniformly high standard of quality.

Additionally, our operations satisfy the requirements specified in the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2017/68/EU) as well as the EN 13445 and EN 13480 standards.

Stainless steel

We have long traditions and extensive experience in welding clear steel using the TIG process.

When the need arose to weld high-alloy steel grades such as 254 SMO (EN 1.4547) and 904L (EN 1.4539), we were among the first to offer this capability. In addition to continually developing the welding procedures, we also exploit the latest technology to deliver maximum customer satisfaction and product performance.

The welding procedure specifications (WPS) are prepared in accordance with SFS- EN ISO 15609-1 based on approved tests. Welding procedure tests have been carried out on EN 1.4307, EN 1.4432, EN 1.4547, EN 1.4410 and EN 1.4462 compliant materials with appropriate fillers. We have also WPQR for nickel alloy, fillermaterialgroups 43, 45 and 47.   We use the TIG and MAG welding processes. Our welders are qualified to butt-weld pressure equipment with a wall thickness of up to 24 mm.

Corrosion resistance and a neat appearance are ensured by pickling.



We carry out installations in collaboration with thoroughly thought after partners.