We manufacture piping, pipe fittings, and equipment for process industry needs. Our operating system is certified and meets the requirements of the following standards: occupational health and safety SFS-ISO 45001, quality management EN ISO 9001 and welding quality EN ISO 3834-2.

About Us

We are a metal industry company specializing in handling stainless and acid-resistant materials. We strive to be the most high-quality and reliable special materials expert in Finland. Throughout the years, we have gained strong competence in handling steel, which enables us to provide our customers with quality and added value in the form of high-quality subcontracted products.


We are a comprehensive subcontractor mechanical workshop for industry needs. Learn more about our services and contact us so we can find the service solutions tailored for your specific needs together.

Team of metalwork professionals

Our team of metalwork professionals is a working community where we help each other and provide a pleasant working environment for everyone. Our hard-core team is made up of metalwork professionals who can handle even the most demanding of jobs. We specialize in special materials and handle stainless and acid-resistant materials in our factories.

Development projects

We are developing our operations toward more effective production and economically sustainable business. Learn about our Strategy 2021 project!

SP stainless Oy manufactures piping, pipe fittings and equipment for process industry needs, mainly from stainless steel.