About Us

We are a welding industry company specializing in handling stainless and acid-resistant materials. We strive to be the most high-quality and reliable special materials expert in Finland.

Throughout the years, we have gained strong competence in handling steel, which enables us to provide our customers with quality and added value in the form of high-quality subcontracted products. Quality lies at the core of our operations and is one of our values. People, progress and trust are the foundation for our values, in addition to quality. Our daily operations are based on the will to deliver on every product and all our services with flawless execution. SP stainless Oy is a metal industry company operating in Siilinjärvi in Toivala and in Savonlinna in Lypsyniemi.

Our core expertise lies in welding and handling stainless and acid-resistant materials. SP stainless Oy is a financially sound company with a customer base in Finland and neighboring Sweden. Our quality system has been certified and satisfies the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The roots of SP stainless Oy are deep in the heart of Savo. The Varpaisjärvi metalwork multi-professionals Juhani Ruotsalainen and Toivo Koljonen founded the two-man mechanical workshop called Savon Putkihitsaus Oy in the year 1989 in the Pikku-Berliini industrial area in Varpaisjärvi. In 1991, Hannu Nurminen became the third business partner and the company’s Managing Director. Under his management, the company took its first steps toward growth and close customer relationships were created with many of the companies that remain our clients to this day. Under the management of Osmo Heinonen in 1995, SP-Putki JR Oy, a subsidiary of Savon Putkihitsaus Oy, was founded in Lypsyniemi, Savonlinna. Savon Putkihitsaus Oy and SP-Putki JR Oy merged in 2011, after which operations have continued under the name SP stainless Oy in two locations.

In 2006, Toivo’s son Arto Koljonen was elected the new Managing Director. He has steered the company and grown its operations into an industrial company comprising approximately 50 people. Generational changes have taken place throughout the company, and the children of the founding members are now managing and developing the operations with the personnel that grew up together. A strong family business background guides our operations.

Through the growth of the business, operations have been expanded and new facilities were built after the merger in the Rissala business village in Toivala, Siilijärvi. Moving from Pikku-Berliini in Varpaisjärvi to the Rissala business village took place in spring 2014. The modern facilities in Toivala have enabled the company to take its next steps toward growth. By streamlining our processes, we have been able to take our operations to the next level. Our personnel is the foundation and lifeblood of our operations. Ten people are working regularly in our team of professionals in Lypsyniemi, Savonlinna, and approximately 40 in Toivala.