Hannover fair 2023 – what a view to the future!


This year we planned to be exhibitor stand for SP Stainless at Hannover fair, but plans changed, and we were visiting fair for two days. Still two remarkable and innovative days contained lots of good conversations with engineering of the new energy solutions.

Senior Business Advisor Stephan Larsson and Development Engineer Hannele Ranta visited the Hannover Messe event on April 18–19, 2023. Both days over 20,000 steps and all halls studied intensively. Some interesting, automated solutions were also worth studying at the fair. Fairs are a place to find new connections and discover new ideas. “When looking for something exact solution you could spend the whole day in one hall,” Ranta explains.

Still the crisis in Europe and all over the world challenges us all to innovate for energy solutions and accelerate circular economy both locally and worldwide. As we all need more sustainable solutions for all sectors of civil industry, SP Stainless can help different process equipment manufactures to optimize pre-manufacturing and stand high quality needs.

If you have further questions or you are interested in our manufacturing, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sales Europe
Arto Koljonen
Managing Director


Hannele Ranta
Development Engineer


Stephan Larsson
Senior Business Advisor