Modern production also requires new technology for primary production


In the current year, automation investments, which have been prepared for well over a year, will become concrete at SP Stainless. The first machine is a semi-automatic collaring device that brings efficiency and much-needed additional capacity to primary production. Along with the investments, the number of production personnel has also increased.

The main product of the company is welding production, but without primary production, there is no welding. Automation investments in welding require an increase in capacity also in primary production. Versatile production machines help in solving production bottlenecks, when we can modify the work stages of the initial production thanks to the load and skilled personnel to meet the current needs of the production, sums up Toivala’s factory manager Aki Koljonen. It is hoped that the increase in capacity will relieve production load peaks and enable more planned production following customers’ needs.

Machining centre and user interface
Machining centre and user interface of the TEC 220.
TEC-220 and APS positioning device
TEC-220 and APS positioning device

T-Drill delivered and installed a new collaring machine TEC-220 with an APS system for Toivala’s production. The new machine enables more efficient production, as several work steps can be performed with one machine, and waiting times are minimized. Versatile and suitable equipment will certainly bring competitiveness to SP Stainless, says Mikko Tekoniemi from T-Drill. The cooperation during the project has been smooth and the personnel receive extensive training for the equipment, which is important in terms of productivity. We train the users in the use of the machine and basic maintenance so that the users have confidence in using the machine in their work, Tekoniemi explains. Well-trained personnel are an irreplaceable asset in any company, continues Koljonen.

With the investments, the company seeks growth and profitability through more efficient modern production, CEO Arto Koljonen says. The attractiveness and competitiveness of the metal and technology industry are also to Finland’s advantage, as the export industry covers about half of Finland’s gross domestic product. We want to keep Finland and Northern Savo vibrant, which we can respond to with good business and development, Arto Koljonen sums up.

More information about the investment is given by

Arto Koljonen
Managing Director

Mikko Tekoniemi, T-Drill Oy
Export Manager

The production automation project is a part of the company’s larger Strategy 2021 project, which ends on August 31, 2023.

You can find more information about the content of the Strategy 2021 project on this site: https://spstainless.fi/en/development-projects/

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