Production Automation Proceeds


The Strategy 2021 project underway in the company will culminate in production automation investments during the current spring and summer. Pemamek delivers a robotic welding station and longitudinal seam welding machine to SP Stainless.

“The positive funding decision by the ELY for the project has contributed to and accelerated the process of seeking a solution for this subproject. The company has tried to find automation solutions for welding in the past, but the required quality level has not been reached before. The investment was an investment in the future and continuity of the company. The development will not stop here either,” says Arto Koljonen, CEO of SP Stainless Oy.

The beginning of a new era

Founded in 1989, SP Stainless core products include stainless steel process pipelines, as well as stainless steel tanks. The automation solutions included in the supply are designed for the manufacture of workpieces that require material, shape and quality. According to Koljose, for SP Stainless, welding automation will improve manufacturing capacity and expand the portfolio of products to be manufactured.

“With these solutions, we are able to lighten the load on welders and bring variation to the work. In the future, we aim to manufacture all possible repeat products in an automated way. New installations bring us the opportunity to also introduce new types of products and sets of different sizes into manufacturing. If the customer needs the product regularly as a small kit, we can certainly offer a competitive price and fast delivery time with our new solutions. Automated equipment is first and foremost to serve our customers better,” summarizes Koljonen.

Observational image of welding cell (Pemamek Oy)

The PEMA robot welding station to be delivered is equipped with PEMA Offline programming and a PEMA CellControl cell controller. With the help of an intelligent operating system, programming the weldable piece for the robot is efficient. Welding cell management is also hassle-free. As a piece processing solution, the station has a 2tn PEMA Skyhook processing device. Also a counter bracket with 2tn capacity, which are integrated into the drive. In addition, both of the machines have an option to weld aluminium.

Pemamek also supplies a longitudinal seam welding machine that allows the welding of disc-like pieces in an automated way. The peculiarity of the solution is that it can also be used to produce conical bodies. This solution has also readiness for aluminium welding. The maximum length of the longitudinal seam is rated according to a piece of 3 meters.

Through Collaboration for Better Solutions

“We have collaborated strongly to find the equipment and welding parameters that are suitable for the manufacture of SP Stainless. For example, we carried our comprehensive testing in Germany, at the longitudinal seam welding machine supplier’s factory and the robot welding station in Loimaa. Robotic welding tests also showed starting requirements for the robot station jig design, which is part of Pemamek’s delivery along with welding parameters and robotic programs. This allows us to ensure premium welding quality, but also a hassle-free transition to automation for our customer,” explains Samuel Karjalainen, sales manager at Pemamek Finland.

Delivery to SP Stainless is divided into two different times. The longitudinal seam welding machine will be delivered in the spring 2023 and the PEMA robotic inertia station in the autumn 2023.

For more information on the investment, please contact

Arto Koljonen
Managing Director

Samuel Karjalainen, Pemamek Ltd
Regional Sales Manager (Finland),

Automation of production is part of Strategy 2021 development of the project, which ends on August 31, 2023.

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