2023 Changes in operating times for spring and summer


Dear customers and partners,

As a preliminary notice, we announce that during the holiday the Toivala plant will be closed from July 10 to 29, 2023 and the Savonlinna plant from 10 to 21 July 2023 for production, reception, and shipment.

During the summer holidays from 10 to 29 July 2023 at Toivala and from 10 to 21 July 2023 at Savonlinna, we will not make deliveries or receive materials at plants.

With an early response, we will ensure a smooth delivery of orders to you, either before or after our summer holiday, according to the agreement. We hope you will consider the summer holiday closing time in your future orders and deliveries. Sales functions are also available to a limited extent during the summer holiday period.

On Friday 19 May, our factories in Toivala and Savonlinna will also be closed.

If you have further questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will inform you again closer to the time.

The story has been updated on May 5, 2023

Arto Koljonen
Managing director