The company’s strategy is renewed in 2023. The strategy strongly guides our operations and is considered a significant tool for the success of the company. Below, we present the principles of our strategic actions in the form of values and operational policies.

The principles of implementing the strategy

Strategic actions are reviewed and implemented in a controlled manner. Before a new measure is initiated, the measure is considered in relation to the operating environment. At this stage, the measure can be modified to better reflect the operating environment and the needs of the company. Measures may also be dispensed with if time has passed. Efforts are being made to limit the number of simultaneous measures so that they can be implemented as efficiently as possible.



The working community supports working ability and workplace well-being.


We develop our competence and foster a culture of continuous development, which enables us to take our next steps toward growth.


We keep our promises to our customers, personnel, and stakeholders.


Hard-core quality through all steps of the process.


The company’s operations and management are based on a policy of quality, environmental risk management, occupational safety and health that guides all our activities towards a better future. The policy below has been updated in December 2023.

Customers – Customer Relationship Development, Delivery Reliability, Quality

We are committed to delivering the right quality to the agreed delivery time, taking into account the legal and other requirements that apply to our operations. Our actions inspire trust in our customers. Our quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The quality of welding meets the requirements of ISO 3834-2 quality of welding.

Personnel – Competence development, Retention of talents

We have competent and professional personnel whose occupational safety, well-being at work and development at work are constantly monitored and improved. We are committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment, reducing risks, preventing and eliminating hazards. We hear and involve personnel in OSH matters and promote a healthy organizational culture. We also give employees the opportunity to influence OSH anonymously. Our OHS system meets the requirements of ISO 45001.

Sustainability – Responsible operations, ESG

We want to act sustainably and responsibly by considering not only the carrying capacity of the environment but also social and economic justice.

We are committed to environmental protection, including the prevention of environmental pollution, sustainable use of resources and mitigation of climate change, and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. We are committed to meeting legal and other requirements, however, always striving to be one step ahead. Our environmental management system meets the requirements of ISO 14001.

Smooth operation – Continuous improvement, Process development

To operate with higher quality and efficiency through automation and robotics. This also enables us to reduce the workload of work and promote occupational health.

Through the digitalisation of information, we ensure the correctness, up-to-dateness and availability of quality documents.

We measure the success of our operations with security of supply and customer complaints. We measure the success of OSH operations by the number of OSH observations, future development of work ability, and a healthy organizational culture.

We are committed to the continuous improvement and development of our operating system.