Team of metalwork professionals


Our competent team is made up of metalwork professionals. In our ranks, we have both longtime veterans and fresh metal industry professionals, each of which are an integral part of our working community. There are 40 people working in the Toivala factory and the Savonlinna unit personnel is 10 people strong.

Our welders are certified and have the required competence for even the most demanding of jobs. When working as welder, you get to immediately see your own handiwork and the opportunities for developing your competence are vast. As our employee, you get to work independently, but with the solid backing of our working community. Our primary production team is made up of warehouse workers, water jet cutter operators, sawyers, turners, and machinists. We also have competence for sheet work and grinding.

“Things are taken seriously, but not too seriously.”

(Working atmosphere survey 2020)

Our packaging and pickling personnel handles the assembly of fittings, pickling, and careful packaging and delivery. The packages are sent reliably on schedule in cooperation with the office personnel. Our average security of supply during the recent years has been 98.9%, so the client can trust in the fact that the ordered product will be ready on time. Quality and security of supply are a matter of honor to the members of our hard-core team. Orchestrating our production are our foremen, who are responsible for ensuring steady production and a safe working environment.

“What are things that work especially well in your organization? Unit-wide teamwork”

(Working atmosphere survey 2020)

Direct contact with our customers and the salesmen who maintain our customer relations. Tight communication with our customers and stakeholders ensures that our projects run smoothly. Our office staff is responsible for our background operations. Our office staff comprises a sales secretary, development engineer, personnel manager, and the Executive Board, which includes unit directors and the Managing Director.

“You always get help and guidance when you ask!”

(Working atmosphere survey 2020)

In accordance with our strategy, we promote a corporate culture where one of our core values – the people – can be seen in our daily working life. We have invested in a working cooperation system with occupational health, we offer our personnel massage vouchers, and we emphasize the importance of active recovery during and after the working day. Developing the working community and management culture are key to making the workplace pleasant for everyone. The conducted atmosphere surveys have year after year indicated a positive working community, as we always help each other and we have a positive working culture within our team.


Are you interested in working for a modern industrial enterprise? Do you like to use your hands when working or working indoors?


Interns are an important part of our team. We have interns in workplace training and education for different lengths of time. We are in close cooperation with the Savo Vocational College Sakky and the Samiedu Vocational College. The image people have of metalworks is usually outdated and we want to do our part in providing an avenue for learning about the modern metal production industry. We offer independent and interesting indoor work where you can learn about the metalworker’s daily routine. As an intern, you get to acquaint yourself with the different work tasks in the metal industry and learn new things. We are working on the HiTek project in cooperation with the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and we provide engineer students with internship opportunities or thesis subjects.

Please feel free to contact us if you have an internship or thesis coming up.

Krista Kuosmanen
Personnel Manager
+358 (0)207 940 435