We are SP Stainless from Finland. Our hard-core team of professionals is at your service.

We are SP Stainless. We manufacture high-quality piping, pipe fittings and equipment from stainless steel for process industry needs – quality service backed by decades of experience!

We ensure top-notch quality in all of our products and services, so you can focus on your core business.

Quality guaranteed by certified operations

  • Our operational system has been certified and meets the requirements of the following standards: occupational safety and health SFS ISO 45001, quality management EN ISO 9001, and welding quality EN ISO 3834-2.
  • Qualification test have been performed for EN 1.4307, EN 1.4432, EN 1.4547, EN 1.4410, and EN 1.4462 materials, with applicable filler materials.
  • We also have had qualification tests for nickel alloys, which belong in the filler material groups 43, 45, and 47.

Processes you can count on

  • As our welding processes, we use TIG and MAG welding. Our welders are qualified to butt-weld pressure equipment with a wall thickness of up to 24 mm.
  • The products are finished by pickling, and they are visually inspected thoroughly before packaging and delivery to the customer.
  • The traceability of our products is documented. 
  • We are constantly developing our operations and working methods, both in prefabrication and welding.

In 2023, we invested heavily on the automatization of our production

  • In the spring, we will be deploying a plunging machine with automatic positioning in prefabrication.
  • In early summer, longitudinal welding equipment will be coming to our production, which will allow the longitudinal welding of stainless and acid-resistant steel and aluminum products. 
  • In early fall, an automated robot welding cell, which will improve our ability to deliver larger series from suitable products, will be introduced into our production.


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Managing Director
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