Updating ERP- system


Dear Customers and Stakeholders,

We are updating our ERP- system in early October which causes some changes in our delivery- and receiving actions. We aim to minimize the effects by predicting and preparing possible challenges. During the transition phase 30.9.-4.10.2021 we’ll not make any deliveries or receiving.

In case your order or shipment date crosses with the update we’ll be in touch with you. Our sales may have already contacted you on the matter.

Changes will be visible to you to from 5.10.2021 forth when our online invoicing and document appearance updates. Customer documentation update will be cosmetic. In documents you’ll find the same needed information as before.

If you have concerns or questions about the change, please don’t hesitate to contact your contact person.

Later on, you’ll find more information in our website. Our team of steadfast professionals ensures your orders and shipments also in the future.

Arto Koljonen